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We offer meaningful and stimulating work – every day

Region Kalmar County, the largest employers in the south east of Sweden. 7000 employees and approximately 250 different professional groups in total.

Sweden is divided into 21 Regional District, each one responsible for supplying the citizens with a wide range of services. Region Kalmar County is responsible for the health and medical care, dental care, transportation and regional development.

We believe that quality improvement starts with you. We want our patient to have the best quality and the best clinical outcomes in Sweden. Our hospitals are rated to be the top hospitals in Sweden.

Quality improvement programs within our mission; "Every day a little quality improvement better"; has given Region Kalmar County high ratings in survey of patient experience. We offer team-based medical practise with skilled and dedicated and proud colleagues, who will bring a continuous focus to high performance and quality of care.

Educated i EU och EEA countries

You need a license to work in most of the professions within the Swedish healthcare system.

How to apply for a Swedish licence at the website of "Socialstyrelsen" – The National Board of Health and Welfare.

Learn Swedish

There are many ways to learn the Swedish language and you could start learning from home. There are several options for doing crash courses online. Studyinsweden is an official resource on studying in Sweden. Here you´ll find everything you need to know on how to learn Swedish.

To receive an employment in Sweden's healthcare system you will need to reach a level of C1- Effective operational proficiency or advanced.

There are three broad divisions:

A1, A2 - Basic user
B1, B2- Independent user
C1 - Proficient user

Studyinswedens website


Anna Kågestad
Phone: 010-358 32 59
E-mail: anna.kagestad@regionkalmar.se